SRK is back again with his trilling sequences in Raees after Darr!!


King of Intense Emotions is back with his intensifying role in Raees movie once again, he is doing an action-packed role in this movies, We all are looking forward to experiencing intense SRK on screen after a long time.

We can see him in gray shed character after a long time since Darr Movie. From the trailer, we can experience some of this hard-hitting action sequences which are intense and reminding us of Darr and Bazigar.

SRK lovers can never forget the amazing and outstanding chase sequence of Darr between Shahrukh and Sunny after SRK shoots a bullet out a sunny?

“We are also remembering a scene from Darr movie, Where SRK put Holi color on face of Juhi Chawal and ran away, as sunny Chase him.We can say that these chase sequences are bollywood’s most talked and loved chase sequences.”

So the news of the hour is that, SRK fans who are waiting for this type of chase sequence can feel happy as SRK is back with his intense and thrilling chase sequences in his upcoming movie, Raees.We are sure that audiences will love these sequences, Cinema viewers will feel thrilled after watching these chase sequences in this Movies.

There are 5 action packed chase sequences in this movie, where you can see Intense SRK. Shahrukh khan is looking amazing in Pathani Looks and his chemistry will Nawazudding will be woeth weatching.


So stay Calm, Raees is coming to thrill you with his chase and Intense Looks.

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