Searching for perfect solution for your Hair and skin problems??

Your wishes got answered by Santa this Christmas !!!!!

You still have 2 days for Christmas and you might be searching makeup stuff online.But Believe me I have got all in one solution for all your problems and that is ALOE VERA GEL.


This miraculous gel is really beneficial in healing many skin troubles such as pimples, dry skin etc. But do you know it can be used as a replacement of many of your cosmetic stuff? Here are several ways in which you can use aloe vera gel as a makeup product too-

As a PRIMER- Apply aloe vera gel all over your face before applying makeup and it helps in setting your makeup throughout the day

As hair serum – take a little aloe vera gel on your palm, rub it on your hand and apply evenly on your hair in the same the same way you apply the serum.

As a hair spray- Take half cup aloe vera gel in a hair spray bottle and dilute it by adding half cup water into it, shake well and keep in you refrigerator to use t as a spray.

As a face scrub- Add a little bit of brown sugar / baking soda into aloe vera gel and mix properly, apply it on your face and use it for exfolitating your face.

As a makeup remover- Take a little bit of aloe vera gel into a cotton ball and use it to remove remove your makeup .

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